YG Gears-Up-4 “KANADA” and The “STAY DANGEROUS” North America Tour

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After a successful 2018 for YG, and the release of #1 Hits like “BIG BANK” featuring some of the Best Artist’s in the Rap Game: (on stage for a Epic Collab-premiere ) at the 2018 BET AWARDS, you knew that only great things were to come  from YG and his camp at 4Hunnid Records.

The latest studio album Stay Dangerous,  YG  has been hitting the road late 2018 Touring All Over Europe and I had no clue how much love other Countries had for Rap, especially YG…after all, he’s not just RAP or TRAP he’s straight up gangsta with it, but him and his camp are legit kool as ice.  I got a chance to meet with YG’s Manager back in late June at the BET Awards Radio Room. Since then, we have managed to stay in touch and even while they were on Tour – from Australia to Berlin to Dubai.   I definitely felt like I was right there with them when IG LIVE sessions or on the Facetime from Dubai or Dublin with his Manager.  Not only I, but also many YG fans got a glimpse as well from stories being shared on instagram.   The crowd and Fans in Europe looked super Litt – just like you would expect from a bangin a** concert.& Artist such as YG.  No lie, the fan love their was KRAZY & KOOL.

I asked YG’s Manager “BMoore” just a few weeks back, how kool is it touring overseas?  His response was  “Oh, yea they love us and we love them…. str8 up, it’s real kool touring in Europe,  from Germany to Australia it’s all love out there.”

So with that said, you obviously know YG and his camp are definitely gonna be down for another European|International Tour 2020 and beyond! Cheers

This past November, the West Coast Rapper announced his “Stay Dangerous: The Tour,” for North America:  which will travel across All the States, beginning mid January ( Meaning in less than 3 days!!!)

Sooooo, basically this THURSDAY {Jan17th} Canada, yall are gonna be wild-n-out yelling “KANADA,KANADA,KANADA!!!”  LoL  If you know the song, then it makes more sense, but here’s the Youtube for ya…. jes-n-case you need a refresher.


Not to mention the poster for the tour is quite a sight to behold, with YG channeling DMX by being covered in blood while sitting in a bathtub.

YG also Announced prior his European Tour to all his fans via Social Media “Everybody Wear RED” as we know this is YG’s favorite color, it does give a fun theme thought, if you think about it.  Also, I saw some of the footage from Australia Concert and I saw a high percentage of almost everyone wearing RED to show love, while having fun.   So Yes North America #UNITEDSTATES we need to follow suit, by showing up and showing out, especially since YG’s expecting to see RED at his concert when he glances up to the audience, so get festive, have fun and be safe.  Im looking forward to it in Houston this March @Warehouse LIVE !!!

Take A Look At The Tour-Poster Below, including the Dress Code REQUEST. 

Also, Check the dates, When YG’s coming to Your City below, Buy Tix Now,  It’s Gonna BE BRAZYYYYY —“Insider Sources Tell Me”  #STAY DANGEROUS

Source & Photo Credit cited via 4Hunnid.com
Article Written By JesKuz


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