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“PRESS-PRESS-PRESS-PRESS-PRESS, Cardi Unleashin’ Hip-Hops Biggest Threat! ”Pop-Up, Guess Who Bih…”


Well according to iTunes & my Community at Rap Genius…I think it’s fair to say it’s another bangin’ hit for the hot Mama! #AnothaOne in the words & Voice of the iconic & legendary DJ khaled, I think for …

Meek Mill Performs I’m ATL, Robert Kraft must of gotten the news early??❤️?



If y’all missed The #EPIC “IG Live” Meek Mill performance in The ATL this past Saturday, then you missed out!!!

However, you most likely have seen the clips surfacing the Social Media, but just in case you need …

“Cardi Don’t Need More PRESS!!!”….Sounds like she’s Cookin-up a #NewHit in the Studio


Cardi B’s Instagram —-Alerrrt——New Hit?

This post is more of a #StayWoke for (new music about to drop message than anything). See for ya self!!!

Yep, as of @IamCardiB on Instagram, about an hour ago she posted the above …

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