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#22 TRAP-PRODUCERS Who Are Dominating The “Beat-Making-Game” in 2019’ #JESTIFICATED

Okay, so let me just say that I couldn’t agree more with the #Top10 featured Producer write-up of 2018-2019 by QREWCIAL.

“From Tay Keith to Murda Beatzwe have a more in-depth and closer look at not only QREWCIAL’s

Who would’ve known; Joe Budden Still Makes $18,000 A Year From his Song “Pump It Up”

The rapper discussed the making of his biggest hit on his podcast. 

In 2018, Joe Budden completed his transition from recording artist to full fledged media personality. In addition to launching his Revolt show State of the Culture, Joe


1.) Metro Boomin

Every form of art has an Umbrella and it contains imaginations, expression and ideas. Producers provide trap artists with an umbrella for their rhymes, ad libs, humming, and Auto-Tune gargles. While it is important to praise music …