‘Black Panther’ also among the Soundtracks Up for Grammy Album of the Year

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Among the eight nominees for album of the year at the 2019 Grammy Awards is one that might stand out as curious – Black Panther: The Album. Not because the Kendrick Lamar-helmed soundtrack featuring everyone from SZA to The Weeknd to Travis Scott isn’t deserving – it’s easily one of the most acclaimed soundtracks in recent memory, and the movie’s massive cultural impact in 2018 can hardly hurt – but because it’s not all that common to see soundtracks up for AOTY these days.

In fact, only one other soundtrack has been nominated for the honor in the 21st century: The T Bone Burnett-steered O Brother, Where Art Thou? compilation. But considering that nabbed album of the year in 2002, Black Panther: The Album is in good company.

O Brother is one of four soundtracks to take the top Grammy honor. Just eight years prior, the blockbuster Whitney Houston album The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album won AOTY in 1994. Back in the ’90s, seeing a soundtrack in the Grammy’s top category wasn’t such a rarity; in addition to The Bodyguard winning, the soundtracks for Waiting to Exhale and Beauty and the Beast were nominated. Source via Billboard


1 of the top songs off the album & a definite fave: Kendrick Lamar, SZA

– All The Stars Video above

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