BREAKING NEWS: {in D.J. Eric Voice} Urban-Latin Music has “Jestificated” 2018, According To Streaming Services!

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Soooo, before I get into mainstream #Grammy Stats below, let me shine some light on this lil Mami from Harlem, NYC, she goes by the name of Melii and I honestly just heard on the New Meek Mill album TRACK called “W.T.S”.  Correction, I’ve been hearing her on the track, but you it’s like “oh whos that?”  Then something comes up, next thing you know they are on Cardi B status #STREAMING4LIFE lol, but after I took some time to research, I found of course Billboard had a snippet on her and Listen to her track on Meek Mill’s “WTS”. – Meet MELii, her melodic trap-lyrics are addicting #DominicanLove

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“Every few years, a new artist emerges from Harlem, ready to take on the rap world: The Diplomats, A$AP Mob, Azealia Banks, Dave East. In 2018, that spotlight belongs to Melii. The 20-year-old rapper got her start posting music online before her viral take on Cardi B‘s “Bodak Yellow” led to a record deal with Interscope last December.

Melii’s popularity also got a boost from none other than Rihanna, who shared the rapper’s aggressive “Icey” single during a Fenty Beauty product preview on Instagram in May. While Melii says she misses her mom’s Dominican cooking and her local Chinese food spots when she’s on the road promoting and performing, she finds comfort in knowing that her hometown friends haven’t turned their back on her. “People get it fucked up about the projects,” she explains. “Whenever I go back to Lincoln [in East Harlem], they always sitting on the steps outside and showing me love.”

How does your Harlem upbringing influence your music?

People in Harlem are very blunt. Like, we’ll tell you if you’re trash! I always told myself, “If I want to do this [music thing], I have to bring the real shit.” I’m a very sassy person; I stand by what I do and what I say. I don’t lie on my records, and I do write my own stuff. So whatever I’m spittin’ is what I feel. I always think of who’s going to hear it, because I know certain people could call me out on it! [Laughs] But my mom always told me, “Nobody can use your truth against you.”

When did you realize rap music is your calling?

I never had another path. I always kept journals and used to write all my poems down. And in school, I would always find myself in the music class. I went to a transfer school called Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School — A$AP Rocky used to go there — so I could get my credits and diploma. They assign you to different teachers, and mine was the music one; his name was Albert, and I remember he was in a band back in the day. FOX News came one day for an interview, and he told them, “Melli’s gonna be the next star out of this high school.”

After that, I started missing school and started getting into that booth. But it wasn’t really a studio. [Laughs] I went to another set of projects in Harlem on 116th street. My boy Dennis, who I went to school with, said, “Hey, my friend has a studio.” We were in his room recording in his closet! I was still excited to the point that I’d leave school early just to record. After that, I got in the wrong hands with my previous manager and went to D.C. to sign a contract that went horribly. Once I got myself out of it, it became a threatening situation, because people knew I had what it took and they wanted to grab it. Then my next manager tried to fuck me, and I was like, “Why do I keep messing up with this?” So I just went solo and started posting all my videos on Instagram on my own. I put out the [Cardi B] “Bodak Yellow” cover [last October] and boom — labels started hitting me up. Now I’m signed to Interscope. ”

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You can read the remainder on the  Melii interview via the link below:


YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music have revealed their 2018 Top Music List, which Prominently Featured Urban Latin Artists, showing the genre’s increasing growth.
You’ve heard it a thousand times: Latin Urban Music is reaching greater audiences in the United States and outside the Spanish-speaking world!!!

In 2018 alone, the genre known as the “Latino Gang,” GRAMMY nominee Cardi B, Latin GRAMMY winner J Balvin and Latin GRAMMY nominee Bad Bunny dominated streams and charts with “I Like It.”

This year’s Latin GRAMMY Best New Artist: Karol G and Latin GRAMMY nominees Ozuna and Nicky Jam also made waves with hip-hop and dembow inspired hits heard everywhere.

To further cement Latin urban’s reign, streaming services YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music and Spotify have all released data that continue to show how the internet is helping the genre carve out a place in the U.S and global music market.

Source cited above via by Jennifer Velez DEC 6, 2018 – 2:32 PM

“I mean I can’t even lie….I always wished I picked Spanish up fluently, but realistically If I hear a bumpin ass Track (Meaning the Vocals/Freestyle/Singing and the Beat is bangin, I don’t care what they sayin…(well okay, maybe a bit but you know what I’m saying?  Honestly, I listen to some pretty hard-core TRAP music and don’t even blink, because I can get passed the lyrics 9 out 10 times.

For example….think back to when Eminem came out, or the MARSHALL MATHERS LP rather, I mean I never take lyrics to heart and get offended, I just think of them as (That specific person’s diary of life)  However, I dont condone it (illegal activities) but if we all lied and said we lived a perfect life, then what kind of shit is that?  Fake Love?? No thanks, I’d rather the real, raw, legit person.  – Jes’kuz Price

However,  I will always  know right from wrong, and I’ll always give props to the the dude or lady coming from the Trap house, Trailer Park, inner city or Country-backwoods the two-thumbs up because I know the odds have to be rough at the end of the day.   So basically, as Fat Joe told 6×9 before being raided by the Feds, -Rap Artist’s aren’t supposed to go backwards and get into more criminal dirty activity after making it big, they are supposed to better themselves, their families lives and friends (at will) and make it out the game, that’s always been the goal-”

-Jes’Kuz Price


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