“Cardi Don’t Need More PRESS!!!”….Sounds like she’s Cookin-up a #NewHit in the Studio

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Cardi B’s Instagram —-Alerrrt——New Hit?

This post is more of a #StayWoke for (new music about to drop message than anything). See for ya self!!!

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Yep, as of @IamCardiB on Instagram, about an hour ago she posted the above snippet of her in a pretty Swanky-Ass-Studio. Cardi looks sexy & comfy as ever-hah, wearing a hot tight dress, dark-hair-Don’t-care and some damn house slippers that are probably designer “Gucci or Balenciaga or some sh*t lol. While reciting some killer lyrics on the beat about “Press, Press, Press, Press, Press-Cardi Don’t Need More Press!” which sounded like a pretty damn good “Hook” for a New Blazing Track, if ya ask me?!?

If I’m wrong, call me out on it please….but I think I’m right -So we good, lol. This just goes back to my prior posts about 2018 The “Latino/Latina Gang” is killin it in music, which is great!

I also, don’t see it stopping anytime soon, and I gotta say the reason I love Drake so much is not only his talent & good looks…but his ability to be consistent “It’s That Work-Ethic Attitude!” #Nonstop.

I’m sure it can’t be easy with all the negative or positive Publicity, when it comes to adapting to the Life of a Celebrity/Artist, but regardless if you live in the Projects, at ya Moms or Granny’s, or in a Million dollar Palace (everybody has problems/issues). So what better way for a Cardi to not be “In Her Feelings” with this #Offset Drama /Possible Divorce, I’d hit the studio too girl! Oops-My bad, I said this post was gonna be short. Like I said, sounds like a banger!!! #TeamCardi #Press

Also, This Carpool Karaoke with James looks like it was the best, too bad I missed it, but thank goodness for streaming!?”


Article Written by: Jeskuz. Dec 19, 2018

Photo/Vid credit to @ iamcardiB via Instagram


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