Celebrating 23 Years of “2PAC #Jestificated”

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Today marks #23 years of the untimely & devastating passing of “America’s Most Wanted” #RapICON and #MusicLegend Tupac Amaru Shakur.

His legacy will live on through his Music and his passion to give back to the community, while also being able to spark a plug inside the suburban white youth, in addition to people all over the world.

Tupac used his voice as a platform through his music, many Artist do this or try, but somehow no one’s been able to surpass 2pacs “body of work” meaning he put out atleast 1song a day…spending many hours or pretty. Much his days & nights in the studio, perfecting and working with his engineers and crew on getting as many lyrics laced over designer iconic beats from Dr. Dre to many others. Meanwhile he would be doing as many Artist do in the recording studio “smoking a blunt, to spark creativity, relax Or what not”.

Can you imagine his studio sessions though?!had to be dope & priceless. The truth is, I could go on & on about all that I know from watching, listening & following every song, movie, documentary to his many books that read.

I also feel like most of us (In the World) already know the majority of what happened to Tupac, along with his many #1 hits. In addition, to the many bio-pics, movies, documentaries, music videos, books and so on..by now. However, the youth or younger generation will never really know the impact & how much Tupac & his music was loved – or the depths of his poetry, lyrics, Logic and his ability to connect with virtually any one while the elderly may never understood.

So, as I usually point out in many of my trolling, or being extremely opinionated,?nor PC posts on here. I’m not your ordinary Music-Celeb Blogger, you know the ones that can come off as messy, rather -which is exactly why it’s time to get back to this 2Pac video- playlist of #Jestificsted Jamz. “RIP 2PAC” #Jestificated4Life

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