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Hello World, so it’s officially “Corona-Quarantine & Stream-Time” but it’s been Q&S for over a week now but it seems as though the “masses or millennials” are just now taking #CORONAVIRUS serious – (hopefully).

Honestly, I have had such a difficult time blogging on a single post about an Artist, Emerging Artist, Album Release, Album Review or Anything for that matter, since my Kobe write up & Wayne’s New album as you see.

Anyhow, I’m getting back right & much love for the patience. I think now, I feel a certain way about Artist and Producers when I post “When You Droppin Anotha Album or Beats” my apologies in advance. I see how creativity & writers’ block collides & I feel not only the pressure of not losing my place or Artists depending on my verbiage to relay to those around the globe, but also just my personal thoughts of not feeling at my best.

Not to mention the pressures of knowing you are constantly being critiqued like a mofo when in actuality, I shouldn’t give a f*ck about what others think of my work. Especially when we have all this precious, uninterrupted time on our hands, which warrants for nothing less than Greatness. #REALTALK

So, as I gather my thoughts & ability to write nonstop. Let’s take a trip down the last week of #IG LIVE Sessions that have kept us all bobbin’ our heads, inspired and feeling good.

One person, I have to shout out on this is Timberland -as a Mega-Producer, he has shown all his truths, vulnerabilities, and hella-talent while honestly displaying how hard it has been to create during this oh so crazy-Corona-virus-crisis time.

Here Are The Top10 #IG LIVE STREAM Sessions That Are Worth Noting (By Jes)

1.). Slim Thug




2.). Cardi B

3.) JPrinceJr #MobTies


4.) LiL Boosie

5.) WheezyX5


7.) YoungMA

8.) Miguel

9,) MurdaBeatz

10.). Jamie Fox


Well that rounds up my #Top10 IG Lives for the prior week of the “Corona-Quarantine & Stream week!” I will stay tuned and post a follow-up hopefully after this is all over with soon. Stay Blessed and #PrayedUp Everyone. I actually hope to post about the next album dropping, possibly Slim Thugs new a mixtape called “Thug Life” dropping this Friday on March 27th -stay tuned & #StayStreaming yall! – One Love @J2pricey





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