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Meet “Mel” which is short for Melody! ? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: “ca-pub-4386368676610191”, enable_page_level_ads: true });

Mel is a highly respected and proven Houston Foodie-Blogger-Extraordinaire, and I’m only being real (Okay, perhaps Im a bit Bias, but Im also her harshest critic), You can check the stats or yourself…so you know its real-or simply continue reading this page, with legitimate links showcasing her crafty Foodie-Excellence.

Funny Side-note is “Mel-Gal” or “Trap-Money-Melly” as I call her…. actually happens to be my Lil Sister – and no, I promise I cant make this stuff up! #DNA

Melody has a B.S. in Nutritional Science from UT –  Post graduating -she worked as a food service manager for 2 years. Now she has moved on to working for a prestigious Law Firm Downtown as a Legal Assistant and loving it!  However, in the words of Jay Z, “She cant knock the Hustle” or in her words ” She can’t seem to escape her Foodie-Lovin background.”  -Which doesn’t seem to be a bad thing at all actually.

Mel is a self taught Blogger and Photographer from Houston, Texas.  She was Born in Kingwood, and raised in Katy, TX to be exact.  While, Mel currently resides in the Galleria area. You can find her shopping away at Nordstrom, ZARA, and “Browsing” SAKS or Neimans with a Starbucks Ice Matcha Latte in hand.  You might also spot her picking up groceries at Whole Foods, or brunching on the North Patio while conversing with Slim Thug on his favorite trending cuisines.

You could also catch Mel-Gal onsite,  rubbing elbows & catching a glimpse of Drake aka @ChampanePapi (himself) at North Italia in the Houston-Galleria area, where he was sited just this past year; As seen in the photo below

(Photo Credit Taken by: Shelly Prince)

When Mel’s not stuffing her face...she also enjoys Traveling, Crafting, Exercise, Networking, Graphic Design etc. Like most people, she’s definitely  more than just one thing… Mel would also love for “The Broke Foodie” her initial Blog to reach more than just one interest group.

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“Mel’s IG  is devoted to Food & Lifestyle, “It’s LIT” take it from me, I would say currently her IG has more traction due to the nature of being a Great Foodie Blogger, so it only makes sense that picture/posts of #FoodPorn on IG will captivate anyones attention, along with tastebuds!

New Blog:

“MEALS WITH MEL” is her new Blog that is still under construction, so dont be alarmed by the small amount of content, but you can still find updated and informative good recipes, fitness, and Quality Photos of her actual Foodie Tastings from a tremendous amount of Restaurants & recently added Fitness Studios like RYDE and a Commercial that was Filmed in Uptown, Galleria Area,

Facebook Page:

Self Explanatory- or everything else I mentioned above and below .

Initial Blog:

“THE BROKE FOODIE”  is the Blog that Started it all, as I often tell her it’s kinda like a DRAKE song “STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE HERE”

Check out Mel’s latest Commercial for Uptown Blvd below: 


“Mel, Its truly amazing to think that she began her first Blog, which was about Food and her passion for it) only 1 year ago, 1 year!  It still blows my mind on the amount of success that she has had in the Bloggin game, lets talk about side hustles!  Especially, the fact that she WON this years Pasta Blog Competition, which was a big deal, I was extremely proud!  I think it’s mind blowing to  win a competition against others online based off of your blog, writing, recipe verbiage, photos and votes from the public, not to mention when you are up against someone who claims to be an authentic Italian from generations of home made Italian foods etc. However SHE “MEL” DID It!  She WON,  and it was for sure #BREAKINGNEWS ALERT!  She not only wont the competition, but also an all-expense paid food blogging trip/travel to ITALY with some of the best Journalist, PR, Photographers, Houston”s Italian Chamber of Commerce, and a few others.  Mel is set to go to ITALY on this FOODIE excursion in the year of 2019 I believe, and you can better know that her Blog subscriptions, FB & Instagram Followers will Skyrocket!  When She is in Italy, they will have a tight schedule for her to stick to in regards to Tastings, meeting new Foodies in the Old Country, so with that said……

“I am truly, so very proud of you Melody!  You inspire myself and countless others to peruse or tackle dreams, visions or even something simple like getting the motivation to go hit up the gym on a lazy day.  Or simply, how to create a meal prep plan from scratch,  While your ambition, creativity, recipe writing, cooking skills, dedication, passion, diversity for the culture, healthy lifestyle choices, fun personality, intelligence, and of course your beauty (which shines bright like a diamond) not only on the exterior, but most importantly the real beauty from inside your heart – I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON & BACK KiDDDD  #TrapMoneyMelly”

Love -Jes