Global TRAP Alert: Check-out Germany’s Trending Hip-Hop Artist’s Who JESTIFICATED The Charts In 2018’

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Top 8 German Newcomer 2018

The German rap scene has been very active in recent years and a many talented artists brought in new impulses into German hiphop. Today we show you 8 German newcomers which are currently hot or which might will be in 2018. 

Rap’s germination is sometimes attributed to the righteous street poetry of the Last Poets and the Watts Prophets, but it didn’t begin to take full shape — and earn its tag — until after the Sugarhill Gang released “Rapper’s Delight” in 1979. Since then, rap spread from its New York epicenter throughout the remainder of the U.S. (with each region taking on its own specific flavor) and then to countless countries. Rap’s core components are beats and rhymes, but that simplicity belies the wide range of sounds that have sprung from them. Instrumentalists, a sampled breakbeat, or a drum machine can form the backbone of a track, while an arrangement can be spaciously spare or chaotically dense, and a chorus can range from atonal shouting to a sweet melody. Detractors were still calling rap a fad in 1985, when LL Cool J released his first single. They were doing the same thing when, roughly 20 years later, the same MC released his tenth album, and they’ll probably continue to do so as long as the genre exists. Should rap ever die, which isn’t likely, it would be far too late to prevent its effect on most other music forms, from R&B to rock to jazz

Article cited above via Germany All Music


The 23 year old  is the official winner of the award in the category newcomer. He got a lot of attention with the song Biancofeaturing Yung Hurn in 2016 (click here for the video). He released six singles last year and in September finally his debut album EROSappeared. The young artist was born and raised in the little town Bietingheim-Bissingen near Stuttgart, where also other famous artists like Shindy or Bausa originate from. He releases his music on the label Division Recordings and is known for his brilliant live performance.

His biggest hit was the fourth single of his debut album and is called Bros:


had his breakthrough in 2016 with the song Wer macht Parra in collaboration with . Despite the hype he remained focused, released some successful songs and dropped his first album Hallo Deutschrap in mid-2017. The 20-year-old lives in Stuttgart and was completely independent so far. He’s originally from Albania, a fact he likes to show in his music videos. Recently he also released a song in Albanian with the Albanian rapper Buta (click here for the video). He’s known to be a big fan of Grime music and tries his hand at this style.

His most successful solo song is called „Mister Dardy“


The LocoSquad member is one of the freshest rapper in Berlin at the moment. He started publishing music in 2015 and since then has released two mixtapes and his debut album Eiskalt. His sound is a nice mix between street rap and soft melodies, which sounds very interesting as often sings alongside his raps.

The song Jagen die Mio got him famous


This dude isn’t actually a German, he emerged from Vienna in Austria and lives in Berlin for a long time now, doing German rap. is active in the rap scene since the early 2000s and dropped his first solo album in 2012. He never had a big breakthrough, but he got a contract with the label Indipendenza, owned by his longtime colleague RAF Camora, one of Germany’s biggest hip-hop artists at the moment. He is known for his futuristic style and finally is attracting attention with his new album Kaviar & Toast.

One of his most clicked videos is called Fress mich satt featuring Bausa:


had his breakthrough together with and their common song Wer macht Parra in 2016. Just like his colleague, Eno is only 20 years old and has blossomed into a promising artist during the last two years. He was signed on the label Kopfticker until the end of 2017 but is now independent. In 2017 the newcomer released his debut album Xalax, which is very varied and goes in many different directions.

His most clicked solo song is called Massari:


The 26-year-old was a very interesting character last year. He released his debut project Racaille and attracted a lot of attention with his big Bantu Squad throughout the scene. He’s sponsored by the brand Ünkut, which belongs to the French rapper Booba. ’s influences are also from France and he tries to bring this style into German Rap.

Racaille Gang isn’t his most famous song, but it shows his style in perfection:


The Hamburg based newcomer is on the label Steuerfrei Money under contract and does what many German rap fans currently miss: Good old boom bap. He’s about 21 years of age and has so far released a mixtape called Washington Alee (2015) and his debut album Horner Corner (2017). He works closely with the label owner Achtvier, who discovered him two years ago.

Was würdest Du machen was a single of his debut album Horner Corner:


is probably the most unknown newcomer in our list but this guy is really talented. The 1996 born rapper is based in Berlin and does very futuristic music. He released his biggest project up until now called Apollo in 2017 and it’s a piece of art. He’s doing almost everything himself and isn’t signed anywhere.

Not a lot of views but a lot of quality. Nextlevel appears on „Apollo“  :

Source cited via RAPXPLORE Video cited via Youtube

What do you think about the #NewWave of German rap Newcomers?

Also which country would you like to see in the future?

Share your feedback and checkout their Sounds above when you can!

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