Gucci Mane Delivered New Music for Fans Pre-Christmas

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Gucci Mane Closes Out 2019 With ‘East Atlanta Santa 3’ Album Featuring Quavo & Rich The Kid: Stream It Now


This topic is Short-n-sweet and also from one of my favorite sources,  Sometimes, things cant be said any better than how they were originally written ( and since I haven’t blogged in a bit, I do apologize to my true ride or die #TRAPMUSIC Hip Hop Heads) lol, but I’m coming back with my review on some other Artist’s Albums, New Artist’s on the rise and then probably a JAY-Z Throwback post, simply because I forgot how great his legacy of music and overall discography of hits of extended.

Sooooo, I was basically reminded of Jay-Z’s greatness on his birthday Dec 4th, thanks to the best radio station #HTOWN’s 97.9 The Box! I rarely listen to the radio it seems, but that day I was all in, and they killed the damn Mix-up, album after album, hit after hit…it really just made me go back and say damn Jay was always in my Top 5, but wow, I think he may be running at top 1 or 2 maybe 2 or 3 but that’s my opinion. I also critique or judge an Artist by the following criteria: Track Release – Consistency, Number of Songs on the Album, Then how many are hits and last, Song Sentiments.

You know, that feeling you get whenever you hear that one song that brings you back to a particular time “sometimes Good sometimes Bad” but you always recall a certain time in your life, what you were doing and who you were with, (You know, kinda when you hear “Lean Back” or “Get Low” and if you’re anywhere around my age, then both those hits bring back some of the best times early 20’s, hittin the club, hanging with ballplayers and going to pool parties with my bestie. Okay, so you get the point, but Jay -no doubt is a Legend in the Rap Game, but a Timeless one at that, one of the best, so let’s take a walk down memory lane on that after this blog or two.

“Okay, now on to our regularly scheduled Program,”


haha but Gucci Mane – is legit AF, another talented GOAT in progress

I love his overall attitude on top of his unique voice, style of rap & then well his beats always go so hard, but we know who is behind them …aka my fave METRO BOOMIN, ususally, not always, so props to everyone on the track and in the recording studio. Check out the reveiw from billboard and tracklist!  -Jeskuz

It’s the return of the East Atlanta Santa. Gucci Mane dropped off another gift for his fans earlier last week, Friday (Dec. 20) with the third installment of the East Atlanta Santa series, the first of which dates back to 2014.

Guwop’s third project of 2019 boasts 16 tracks and includes guest appearances by fellow ATLien Quavo, Asian Doll, Kranium, and Rich The Kid. Gucci already released Woptober II in October and Delusions of Grandeur back in June.

While paying NYC a visit, Gucci Mane took part in his first Santa Con earlier in December. The 39-year-old mixed business with pleasure by turning one of his trips to a lively bar scene into the Christmas-themed “Jingle Bales” visual, which serves as the opener on the album.


Stream EAS3 and watch the “Jingle Bales” video below…

“I Love this teaser, that I saw on Gucci’s IG for Christmas below”


Article Written by: Source cited via: Billboard
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