“Hot Girl Summer” just Dropped & it’s Streaming Higher than ever at #1 on the charts’ #Jestificated

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The #1 phrase that we all know & her “Hot Girl Summer” has officially made Megan Thee Stallion a viral sensation, while making H-Town proud! Then, Nicki Minaj brings it on the lyrics, I’m glad she jumped on the track with Megan, no drama here due to Megan’s girl power attitude!

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Next, can we talk about how Ty Dolla $ign just came back out of no where?  Either way I’m here for it, his vocals on the chorus are so addicting and very good, I almost thought it was Kells (respectfully speaking).

But ok Ty Dolla $ -we see you!!!

I like his latest $ingle ….HOTTEST IN THE CITY, I think he brings it back to another classic beat as it changes #NORTHMEMPHIS…but that’s another topic…check it out tho!Keep it up & that’s to them all, because I want to see everyone winning #Jestificated

I love me some Cardi B, but I need some variety in my music #NoLie basically like some Nicki & Megan at different times or all at once like this jam Hot “Girl Summer”. Because, I don’t wanna only hear & see one person dominating the charts the whole damn year, that’s boring and it’s like basking robins I want all 21 or 31 flavors?!? Lol it makes the world go round, no disrespect to Cardi. She’s on it!

Nicki is coming back for a  Hot Barbie Summa! and Megan is here to stay, especially in her cowgirl hat &’ass-out chaps! Lol, but seriously “Hot girl summer check it out & stream it & all her singles! Our girl Megan Thee Stallion has returned to reclaim the catchphrase that made her a viral star. The Houston native’s new single “Hot Girl Summer” features Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign, and since Megan’s first usage of the phrase since she trademarked it a few weeks ago. (VERY SMART!) Listen to the track above courtesy of Youtube and the Urban dictionary for Hot Girl Summer if you don’t know, now ya know – Article Written By Jeseka Price


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