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Oh Snap!!! CV is Finally here, dang Weezy made us wait, hoping the album is Fire ??? since it took years n years years….

Either way, it was JUST ANNOUNCED BY THE SOURCE’S “PROTEGE” Drake, while he’s currently ON TOUR, Drake POSTED THE FOLLOWING Album Cover of LiL Wayne’s “Carter #5” as seen below, per his Instagram ->>> ChampagnePapi ??

LIL WAYNE’s #NEWALBUM C5 aka #CV is FINALLY HERE AS OF 52 min ago, apparently WEEZY F. BABY RELEASED “His Most anticipated & long awaited album called [THE CARTER 5] THIS WILL BE WEEZYS 12th followup album, especially with his newly amended friendship back on track with both Drake and Birdman #LikeFatherLikeSon #YoungMoneyEntertainment #RepublicRecords

Sounds like it’s gonna be one of those nights again….#ListeningPartyNight kinda similar to when Drake released his latest Scorpion ?Album.

I’m READYYYYYYY, HOPING FOR SOME GOOD-Ish and New Music, I must say it has relatively been a great year for music hits, singles, albums, videos etc….specifically in the Hip-Hop / Rap Genre. As an active-passionate-Music listener, I know that like most ppl…… a great album is like meditation & winning a scratch off lottery ticket all at once lol. Especially when it’s a surprise #ALBUMdrop those are the best.

At that point we know nothing and just let #SocialMedia take the wheel (in terms of marketing & advertising/Sales go to Apple iTunes, Spotify, Tidal etc, along with radio music heads like myself with our headphones on? …..Patiently listening, yet seriously dedicated to the track by track playlist & tuning everything & everyone else out.

I must say the #HYPE or #Buzz around favorite tracks is a combo of just the general public’s consensus, in addition to whatever sounds like a club banger, that can get #RadioPlay “lyrically-speaking”. Not to mention when it happens to be executed so effortlessly or imperfect but genius enough to catch the wave. Especially, when the Artist is a #MegaArtist & they release a Legit Album that’s worthy to be on #REPEAT on the first run-through, Epic Artist such as LiL Wayne, Drake, Eminem, Jay-Z, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, YG, Elle Mae, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Beyonce (Although I named a few in the R&B category) but you get the point.To wrap it up, I’m stoked to hear it shortly, ASAP preferably, while keeping my ear to the streets via instagram on the public’s fave tracks (I love that part).

Listen & Stream the New Album at this link ??

I’m interested in knowing your ? thoughts on WEEZY’s “The Carter 5” #C5 Album, I would love to know your opinions and fave songs???

So, If you happen to be a hip-hop-radio-head or even if you just catch a song or two somewhere, please do drop a comment or msg… I’m curious in knowing everyone’s thoughts 🙂

-Goodnite & Stay Blessed!

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