• MAC Launches Aaliyah Makeup line early Fall of 2018 #BabyGirl
  • LA Fave Foodie Find n Lounge #SUR
  • I loved this spot! A Members Only, kind of place for The Creative Arts, Music & Fashion Individual!
  • Beyonce & Jay Z wrap up their final OTR II show/tour in Washington, Bey's Costumes only appeared to get even better. for each show
  • Wayne's chaotic ATL Concert ends in a Chaotic “UPROAR” along with CV topping Billboard charts
  • Travis Scott joins Drake on Stage in not only the H but also LA #EPIC!
  • UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP this place is Dreamlandia!
  • UMG June 2018 ----> Music is LIFE

Who can pass up this Sushi-Fave below?

#Nobu #Nobu #No Boo!
Malibu, does it better!

Starting with this HotSpot in LA @Skybar The Mondrian Hotel #Always-A-Fave