“PRESS-PRESS-PRESS-PRESS-PRESS, Cardi Unleashin’ Hip-Hops Biggest Threat! ”Pop-Up, Guess Who Bih…”

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Well according to iTunes & my Community at Rap Genius…I think it’s fair to say it’s another bangin’ hit for the hot Mama! #AnothaOne in the words & Voice of the iconic & legendary DJ khaled, I think for a face Khaled would agree that Cardi’s definitely putting 99% of these Rap & Pop Chicks to rest!

Cardi B’s Kind of reminding me that these so called bad girls of rap are acting more like “Snow White” from sleeping beauty, just so peaceful….not even a peep or basically not even a qualified dis track or rebuttal, for what seems like the past 8years, but I know it’s really only been like 2years; for Nick aka Nicki Minaj -atleast since she dropped some serious heat!

I really don’t want Cardi, Nick Or any females Artist to have “rap beef” but let’s be real it somehow does makes for better bars on a salmon single or a great album or single when it’s all time said & done (just as long as no one gets hurt on the process) nothing wrong with a little rumble! Yet, apparently for a Cardi B the time has #AlwaysBeenNow and when I say that I don’t mean any disrespect to Nicki because I’m her biggest fan. Lyrically Nicki could assassinate almost any female in the hip hop genre, I mean the next post I do may be just about Nicki and my favorite tracks, bars, hits, beats and her lyrics with the facial gestures and alter-egos. Geez I miss the #SafariWrittenTracks if I can be honest. I think they had something beyond a Sade type-lovers lane relationship, but when they worked together, they appeared to be musically *NSYNC with the flow, rhythm and lyrics….let me stop. Sorry Cardi & fans realize this is supposed to be all about Cardi’s, her new -bounce back post baby bod-look & of course her new hit single & cover. Ill be sure to save the Nicki Minaj chatter and stroll down #MemoryLane for the #LostFilesofNick kind of a paying homage to the PinkBarbie, so you better believe that I will absolutely do a #FavoriteMinajHits to follow up just in case I need to remind some folks of the #OG Anaconda Queen, because the Dip single with Tyga never really was gettin it for me, ohhh I take that back!

Reminder of Nicks best Feature & Song of the 2018 year would be when I saw her physically right before she walked on stage for the #BETAwards from her private Trailer, when YG & friends hit the Stage for the big debut of hit single “BIG BANK” while Nicki ended the show doing some erotic semi stripper moves and hitting bars on point, it was over with! Let me find that clip, it was her best & last epic feature in my opinion though!!! And for that reason,?Im going to have to say -Bye Safari Nicki never really needed you as a Manager or to Songwriter for that matter- in the words of Bey & Jay “She Good On ANY BLVD”! ?. Sooooo yea,

Also, have you seen her on the iTunes cover for this track called .”Press ?!? If not then you need to go ahead and check her out! She looks great as pictured above!

I’m loving the artsy-visual & sassy ??‍♀️ Design! Very provocative, creating a strong statement vs the last twerking track with #CityGirls, which was hot as a painted on Zebra or cheetah animal. For that kind of feel, but it definitely had the PRESS talking (I swear Cardi B is secretly a genius and we don’t even realize it sometimes or slot of times actually). I think this year Cardi will take home the Queen of ALL Trades and Master of Coin “within the female rap genre for sure!”  Especially when it comes to throwing shade, keeping it ?on those IG Live videos from wayyyyy back since Love & Hip Hop , then to now. She will take the blame, apologize when she feels wrong & then still be onboard with throwing her own damn #BloodyShoes ? all while fashion week too.


Let’s get back on to the subject of Music,

I can’t say she’s ever really let me down for producing and performing those club bangers. Regardless of how you may hog deal about her as a person, celebrity, race, lingo, foul language, and sometimes lyrics that may have previously endorsed or cosigned ignorance & minor offensive trucking women who came across her paths in life. Well I will say I just think that she has really just grown up a tremendous amount, while I feeding her revenue & keeping her man post having sweet baby #Kulture?

As Ive said before and I’ll say it again, this post may have gone a bit further into her character than I intended or meant, but either way, I will always love me some Cardi b, she always rocks the house and sometimes says what you might think would come out of a hookers mouth, but honestly its just extremely robust verbiage that was honestly probably about to come out of that random housewives mouth, or the PTA Mom that is cussing out other parents, teachers & the policeman that pulled her over just last week…only that one lady is doing the talking behind their backs and smiling in their face, which goes back to just why so many ppl and women generally do love some Cardi B, it’s because she keeps it Real!!! -Haaa.

On another note, I never double checked, did Cardi drop a whole damn album last night too lol??? Or am I confusing with the Beyonce Homecoming Album- Kidding, but how much do we love that one & the songs can be Resung, remixed & sang in Portuguese but it wouldn’t matter with Beyoncé’s voice.

Back to the point tho, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing or seeing more from Cardi this year hopefully! After-all, she’s back by popular demand, ppl just can’t seem to get enough of her huge personality , big mouth & that whole underdog story of the girl who dances to make ends meet, then finally made her dream into reality, all with hard work & dedication like the late great Nipsey Hussle. I always tip my hat ppl who endure the real hardships and the struggle, so let’s add some tracks & “PRESS” repeat on the following- okurrrrh!!!

Article & Source Written by: Jeskuz Price

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