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Alright, I told yall I would come with the review of Slim Thugs’new MixTape Album, so let me break it down as smooth and brief as possible. Please remember, all opinions and statements in reference to Thugga’s Album belong to myself and no one else 🙂

Now I heard a majority of the album from SLIM THUG while he was streaming Live via IG on at least 2-3 different occasions so that always helps when it comes to familiarity, playbacks & streams. However, please understand that I didn’t get the opportunity to fully download or stream the entire album yet, but I will in time. Therefore, I really encourage everyone to go head if you haven’t yet, check it out, scout your favorite instant jams & download, the album is overall really good, authentic and just what you seek for in a mixtape.

So, as I move along on this review….please everyone keep Slim Thug and Scarface in your prayers for a speedy recovery since we just found out publicly that they both tested positive for CORVID-19. That’s for another topic and honestly for another blog, but our prayers are with you Slim & Face. Okay, below are my top personal Top 5 Faves from the new THUG LIFE album by Slim Thug (paying great Homage to Tupac Shakur).

TOP #5 SONGS & #1FAVE on Slim Thug’s Album “THUG LIFE” 

Let me start with “Won’t BE LONG (Apart)” feat LeS Mug

#9 Won’t Be Long

– Probably hands down my favorite song on the album and I feel like many will say what? I’m not sure why it ts my fave but again, the lyrics on top of the beat kill me each time. So on point, brings a Cali vibe / Tupac and Htown new vibe. So the part of the song that gets me every time is no doubt the Electric Guitar! If you hear the influence and how it is utilized in the song, you will notice the levels of beat/music production- kind of a blues vibe over TRAP, you can’t beat it. Also, the song is about the boys coming home from the Pen, the ones who went down for bullshit charges and keep getting caught up in the relentless system..(believe it or not, I know a few ppl like that) I can relate, not to mention the fact that I did grow up on the northside listening to Slim Thug coming out that SWISHAHOUSE. Good Times,

#7 VET

– First off the beat on this wins on instrumental alone. This one was a whole new vibe, “RIDING IN YOU BITCH CAR BANGIN HOT GIRL SUMMA” when I heard that I laughed for a bit, and was like this ish is def legit I fw it! Not to mention If anyone a Seasoned VET in the Game, its def Slim Thug


This track is crazy, it’s arguably #1 it has the soulful nostalgic vibe that anyone mother or father can feel. The message is clear, but it’s all so real.


Now, this track I heard once during Slims Pre- Quarantine DJ sessions, he was showcasing some new music and I came across this beat “coolio” vibes, sampled very well. lyrically I don’t think it is on the same level as the prior 2 jams that I mentioned above, more of a beat thang, but the song goes hard as hell! The whole album really


Okay, last but not least. MAKE IT RIGHT featuring the MO City Don aka ZRO is also a whole nother VIBE and arguably another Top track. Another Soulful beat that is sampled, mixed, mastered and executed right. ZRO’s part is like memory lane all over again with the partial singing & rapping especially this part: “Damn I gotta make it right, but I can’t do this shit in Houston, I gotta take a flight!” BARS BARS BARS – Zro knows how to lay em down. That song needs no introduction.


Anyhow, check out all the tracks on Slim Thugs’ THUG LIFE, streaming on ALL Platforms!!! STAY STREAMING!

NEXT TOPIC, I will be covering all of the Battles related to one another, and then let’s discuss. Everyone stay inside, stay safe, wash your hands and lets beat this nasty virus!    -Stay Prayed up, yall!  – Jes



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