TOBE NWIGWE – The-Risen “Rap-Star “| Behind The Scenes for His New Video “DEBO”

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Tobe Nwigwe is a. Emerging but not totally Rap Artist and Story Teller. Meaning he has a very unique flair to him like no other.
Tobe video just released

His rhyming freestyle technique is on beat, but it’s hit a melancholy soulful spud to it.

Tobe is also a an H-town boy reppin the #Alief area. He tore it up last years BET hip hop Awards
Tobe & Paul Wall Collabo for “Juice”

Tobe’s voice is similar to Andre 3000 ?he is also extremely visual so you can kind of match the flow of the words snd connect them, someone’s its sh*yt out of anywhere .

Or he may start out silent and whispering then his voice can go to certified yelling with a high-pitch so it’s considered singing.

However, yes that’s his unique style/ form but that works. It’s basically like you not know what direction he’s heading in but it catches many just dimply his vision musically or lyrically, but Tobes got some good ass beats I know that much.
Tobe @ BET cypher where it all began

Let’s see where he takes it next, but until then miku the videos up here

l definitely see great things for his future, let’s stay tuned and see‘!!! It’s gonna be ?


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