Let’s get it!!!! Not to mention I know every Song on the album ” And if u don’t know, now you knowwww ….:.”

it’s gon be litty4ThaCity!

Jes’Kuz Price

One thought on “When you find out your Sis WON 2 Tickets to OTRII…and She’s Taking You!#HTOWN#Yonce#JHOV”

  1. Hi Sky Casino Logo!
    Awww, thank you so much for the kind-kind words!
    I sincerely appreciate it! Means a great deal since you are my first commentator (while being such a gracious voice of motivation) when it comes to encouraging myself to continue blogging 🙂

    I cannot Thank you enough, and by all means…please do bookmark and circle around to my site, lets keep in touch! I cant wait to check out yours via the link you provided.

    Kind regards,
    Jeseka Price

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